Websites / Web Applications / Scripts

Hi, I'm Patrick

Short story:

  • Job: I'm a web developer from Switzerland.

  • Focus:
    -> Fast and slick websites, web applications, plugins and scripts.
    -> Bloat is really evil! - Never ever bloat your projects!
    -> Speed first, information second, design third.
    -> On a good website you will find the desired info in 30 seconds or less.

  • Websites: Small websites with a CMS like Bludit or GetSimple.

  • Web Apps: Mainly with PHP, JS (if necessary jQuery), HTML, CSS, MySQL.

  • Projects: Stored at Bitbucket (Overview table)

  • Freelancer: Do you have some freelance work to get done? Tell me about it!

  • Contact: Just drop me a line!

  • News:
    -> 23.08.2018: New Bludit Plugin - GMAP released.
    -> 23.08.2018: New Bludit Plugin - CACHY released.
    -> 08.09.2018: New Bludit Theme - BLUE released.

  • Goal: You got all the necessary info (about me) in less than 30 seconds!